Pipe Facing Machines

Pipe bevelling in 1 minute. Bevel your pipe ends for welding with a machined finish.
The lowest priced pipe facing machines available.

6”- 80”

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ModelSizeWeightApplicable RangeBevelling EfficiencyClamping Type
DPFM06121800x890x8705956” - 12”less then 2 minHydraulic
DPFM12242080x1050x1100126012” - 24”less then 2 minHydraulic
DPFM24422200x1250x1250180024” - 42”less then 3 minHydraulic
DPFM40602800x2150x2500250040” - 60”less then 3 minHydraulic
DPFM60803200x2650x3100320060” - 80”less then 4 minHydraulic