Internal Line-Up Clamps

Internal line up clamps for pipelines available with or without copper.  Self propelled option available for smaller sizes on request.

4”- 80”

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ModelInch RangeDrive ModeNumber of ShoesWeight (KG)Support Pressure
DKQ1686”non self propelled4525T
DKQ2198”non self propelled46020T
DKQ27310”non self propelled6x27520T
DKQ32412”non self propelled
self propelle
DKQ35514”non self propelled
self propelled
DKQ40616” - 18”non self propelled
self propelled
DKQ50820” - 22”self propelled10x2430150T
DKQ61024” - 26”self propelled12x2550183T
DKQ71128” - 30”self propelled12x2700270T
DKQ81332” - 34”self propelled16x2780270T
DKQ91436” - 38”self propelled18x2950450T
DKQ101640” - 44”self propelled18x21400650T
DKQ116846” - 50”self propelled24x21800750T
DKQ132052” - 56”self propelled24x22000750T
DKQ147358” - 62” self propelled30x22300750T
DKQ162564” - 70”self propelled302600750T
DKQ177870” - 74”self propelled362800750T
DKQ193076” - 80”self propelled363000750T